15 Best Evergreen Nepali Movies of All Time

Before we talk about the Best  Evergreen Nepalese movies of all time, let’s give you a brief background on the Nepalese film industry also known as “Nepali ChalChitra”.

Aama was the first Nepalese film produced in Nepal. Although it started early, the Nepalese film industry took off after private business took an interest and started investing in Nepalese films.The films begin to have commercial and critical success.

For many decades, we only watched classic Nepalese-style movies with the same story pattern.But now, in the present moment, as the industry grows, many newcomers are also joining the industry with modernized big ideas that help the Nepalese film industry on the path to greater success and greater globalization.

Mentioning this, there are some of the best evergreen movies that were made in the early 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Below we list the 15 best evergreen Nepalese movies of all time.




Reaslese date:1989

Director:Tulsi Ghimire

Cast: Shrawan Ghimire, Tripti Nadakar and Tulsi Ghimire

best evergreen nepali movies of all time

This is a movie about the Gorkha soldiers and the sacrifices made by them and their families.This is one of the best evergreen Nepalese movies ever made. Personally, I watch this movie more than five times.Some of the songs like:

  •  Birta ko chino birko santan.
  •  Basa hai aama
  •  Chiya bari ma

  They are still famous among all of us.

2)Muna Madan:


Reaslese date:2003

Director:gyanendra deuja


This classic Nepalese romantic tragic film was based on a novel written by Laxmi prasad devkota.The film was also selected as the best                    foreign language film at the 76th academy award, but sadly it was not nominated.

best evergreen nepali movies of all time

Muna Madan follows the life of Madan, a Chhetri man from Kathmandu who leaves his wife, Muna, to travel to Lhasa to earn a fortune.Muna and his elderly mother warn him not to leave, but he decides to leave anyway.

While he initially intends to spend a few weeks in Lhasa, he spends a lot of time there, fascinated by the beauty of the city.He finally heads to Kathmandu but falls ill with cholera on the way. His traveling companion, Ram, returns to Kathmandu and tells Muna that his husband has died.



Release: 1994

Director:Tulsi Ghimire

Cast: bhuwan k.c.,Niruta singh,Tulsi ghimire,bharati ghimire,pukar gurung,shrawan ghimire

Tulsi Ghimire, the director of this movie, made this movie as a gift for his mentor, Kamlakar Karkhanis.one of the biggest hits of the Nepalese film industry.

The film begins with Hari Sir, a professor at T.U., whose teaching and philosophy are followed by academics. Bhawana is the wife of Hari sir and is sometimes referred to as Guru Aama.Prabhakar can be a leader who wants to become a pioneer at any cost. Prabhakar persuades Pratap (one of the students) to hitchhike. 

He wants Pratap to become the campus leader and persuade other students to follow his Adarsha Party.Prabhakar begins to find Hari lord as his obstacle to becoming a minister



Release: 1984

Director:Neer Bikram Shah

Cast:Harihar sharma, shakuntala sharma, neer shah, subhadra adhikari,madan krishan & haribansha acharya(supporting roles)

Directed by Neer Shah, this film was produced by Binod Chaudhary, the richest person of our time under the banner of Manakamana Films.This film is based on the novel Kattel Sarko Chotpatak written by Dhruba Chandra Gautam.

According to the director, Neer Shah, the film was in trouble by not being cleaned up by the censorship board, which was very strict during the panchayet regime.The film was a commercial and critical success.

Basudev Kattel (Harihar Sharma) may be a teacher in Kathmandu struggling to make ends meet.When his friend Kumar (Neer Shah) asks him to help him in their illegal business plan reciprocally by lending him money, their relationship becomes strained.

Basudev and Kumar still insult each other for their respective values when, among mutual friends,they discuss the merits of monetary welfare versus a principled life.



Release: 1997

Director:Tulsi Ghimire

Cast:Hari Bansha Acharya,Anjali Lama,Madan Krishna Shrestha,Shanti Maskey,Keshav Bhattarai,Laxmi Giri,Neer Shah

Directed by Tulsi Ghimire, this Nepalese historical drama was about the panchayat era of Nepal. The movie was the fictional version of democracy at that time.In the film haribansa acharya as the protagonist was a commercial and critical success.This movie is my personal best evergreen nepali movies of all time.

  • This film was the best everlasting Nepalese film because it also tells of our current political situation.

One day, a rebel dies after a conflict with the police on campus. Bikram (B.S. Rana), the leader of the political unit,expresses his sorrow for the rebel who died and sends other revolutionaries into hiding to take cover from the police; they are dispersed in various areas of Nepal.

Sangita (Anjali Lama) arrives at the village of Sirani where she manages to satisfy Arjun (Hari Bansha Acharya), a young student. She informs him that Bikram has been arrested.Arjun works on his agenda to make people aware of their rights through his songs.

6)Kusume Rumal:


Release: 1985

Director:Tulsi Ghimire

Cast:Udit narayan jha,Tripti nadakar,Bhuwan k.c.,Neer shah,Biswa hingmang

This is one of the best Nepalese romantic movies directed by Tulsi Ghimire.This movie portrays the difference between rich and poor in a dramatic way.the film was a huge box office success and spent 25 weeks at the box office.This is one of the romantic best evergreen nepali movies of all time.

Songs like 

  • Reli khola bagara 

are famous songs from movies.

This movie may be a romance of two college classmates Amar (Udit Narayan) and Suniti (Tripti Nadakar).It also features Arjun (Bhuwan K.C.) as Suniti’s lover. The movie describes the difference between rich and poor.

ndian comedian Hum Jayega makes a brief appearance. The story revolves around these three characters until at the climax,in a plan to save Suniti or impress her, Arjun is killed by thugs.

7)Darpan Chhaya:


Release: 2001

Director:Tulsi Ghimire

Cast: Dilip Rayamajhi, Uttam Pradhan,Niruta Singh,Tulsi ghimire

Directed by tulsi ghimire darpan chhaya was the one of highest grossing nepali romantic drama of all time.movie get extremmly positive reviews by both critics and audience.especially the song ‘lahana le jurayo ki’ was still famous among all of us.this movie was considered as the greatest movies ever made in Nepali cinema.

The movie revolves around best friends and college students, Abhi and Raj. Abhi befriends newcomer Smriti, but Raj and Smriti are off to a bad start. At a college picnic, the women play a prank on the boys and hide their clothes. 

Things go wrong when children develop allergies after using sheets to hide. the school principal scolds Smriti for hurting his star basketball player, Raj. Smriti apologizes to him and soon Raj and Smriti become friends as well.



Release: 2000

Director:Neer Shah

Cast: Rajesh Hamal,Karishma Manandhar,Gauri Malla and Ashok Sharma.

Directed by Neer shah movie basanti is the fictionalised nepali romantic love story movie on a historical plot.movie also highlighted the murder of mathabar singh thapa first titles prime minister of Nepal.

This movie was based on the novel written by well-known nepalese novelists Diamond shumsher rana.



Release: 1998

Director:Ugyen Chopel

Cast:Danny Denzongpa, Bhuwan K.C.,Tripti Nadakar,Raksha

Directed by ugyen chopel movie saino was written actor Danny Denzongpa and dailouges was scrippet by tulsi ghimire.movie was also remake in hindi named ‘bandhu’ and also adapted as tv serial name ajnabee.

Some of the famous songs from movies are:

  • suna katha euta geet
  • aamai le bhanthe dhara ko pani   are still famous among us.
best evergreen nepali movies of all time

Disinterested in their life in another country, they move to their own homeland. They live happily there. One day when Akaash visits the city, he meets a woman named Asha.Little by little, they start an illegitimate relationship. The news involves Tripti that her husband died in an accident and his body was taken home. Tripti continues with his life with Binu until Danny involves occupying his house. Danny develops a strong friendship with Binu.

10)Hami Teen Bhai:


Release: 2004

Director:Shiva Regmi

Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Shree Krishna Shrestha,Nikhil Upreti,Rekha Thapa, Jharana Thapa, Nandita KC, Keshab Bhattrai, Sushila Rayamajhi, Ravi Giri

Starring biggest superstar of all time Rajesh hamal,shree krishna shrestha,Nikhil uprety movie was both critically and commercially successful.It is one of the highest grossig nepal movie of all time.

The film begins with an orphan boy named Hari, who makes a living by stealing shoes from temples, selling them, and begging. He meets two orphaned children, Ram and Laxman, he adopts them as his brothers because he feels sorry for them. 

To make sure Ram and Laxman get an honest education, stop your life of crime and work honestly.

11)Yug Dekhi Yug Samma:


Release: 1988

Director:Deepak Rayamajhi

Cast:Rajesh hamal,kristi

Yug dekhi yug samma was the first movie of superstar rajesh hamal.Directed by deepak rayamajhi and produced by chabiraj ojha & kuber sharma, the film was both critical and commercial success.

The film was also remade in 2009 with the same name THE YUG DEKHI YUG SAMMA.

The film is about the romance of a young couple who, amid the pressure of their family rivalries, are safe on a path that seemed irreversible.



Release: 1984

Director:B.S. Thapa

Cast:Sharmila Shah,Shiv Shrestha, Sushma Shahi, Shanti Maskey & Sushila Raimajhi.

Starring supepstar shiv shrestha movie was major hit in nepal.The movie succesfully run more than 100 days in theathers.



Release : 1989

Director:Tulsi Ghimire

Cast: Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan K.C.,Sunil Thapa,Kristi Mainali,Sharmila Malla, Subhadra Adhikari, Sinaura Mistry, Aaron Malla and Sushila Raymajhi

Once again directed by tulsi ghimire and produced by  bishnu gopal, it is considered one of the most commercial successes in the history of Nepalese cinema.

Songs like “mohani lagla hai” and “Batasale udai lyayo” are the greatest hits of all time.

The film begins when the villain Rate (Sunil Thapa) is released from prison after four years.He subsequently searches for Laxmi (Subhadra Adhikari), who married and had two children while Rate was in jail.During a Tihar celebration at Laxmi’s house, Rate finds her and confronts her. After a major altercation, Rate kills Laxmi’s husband.

 Laxmi takes her two children, sets the house on fire, and flees the scene. While fleeing from Rate, one of the young men is thrown into the river. Rate believes Laxmi died in the river while fleeing.

14)Maiti Ghar: Best Evergreen Nepali Movies of All Time


Release : 1966

Director:B.S thapa

Cast:mala sinha,sunil dutt & jaidev

Starring bollyhood actress mala sinha in lead role was the major commercial success of Nepali cinema.Maitighar was the first Nepali movie produced under private banner.

Story revolves A girl who was born in Pokhara was sent to jail for 11 years but she didn’t want to go out of jail then police officer calls a deceive doctor than she tells her story about herself.She tells the story falling in love with and marrying Mohan and living a simple life with him. 

But they get separated from one another when Mohan goes to the jungle for the hunt to kill animals but he comes home dead.After the death of Mohan, his mother calls Maya a witch who killed her son (common superstition at that point in Nepal) andeverybody calls her a witch and that they say “Wish she died before birth”.



Release : 1983

Director:Shambhu Pradhan

Cast: Bhuwan K.C.& Tripti Nadakar

Known as the golden couple of Nepalese cinema, Bhuwan k.c & tripti nadakar starrer is the action thriller comedy film.The movie was one of the biggest box office hits.

Songs like:

  • ukali ma aghi aghi
  • gahiro gahiro sagar jasto
  • bhaileni

They are the famous among all of us.

best evergreen nepali movies of all time

Tripti plays Bhuwan’s wife and daughter in the film. The film shows the lives of people within the tea gardens of Darjeeling, India, a hulking part filmed at Samsing Tea Gardens, West Bengal, India.The film marked the debut of actress Tripti Nadakar within the Nepalese moving industry.

These are our 15 best evergreen Nepali movies of All Time.Enjoy the movie and Comment below which is your best Nepali movies of all time.

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