Happy Dashain 2078 Wishes/Quotes/Images & Downloads

Now it became part of our culture to wish our families, friends, and close ones on the occasion of Dashain with beautiful and emotionally happy Dashain wishes, quotes, and images.

Dashain is celebrated with great rejoicing, and Goddess Durga is worshiped throughout the kingdom as the divine mother goddess.In preparation for Dashain, each home is clean and beautifully decorated, painted as an invitation to the mother goddess,so that you can visit and bless the house with good fortune.wishing on that occasion makes people happy and feels its value in the lives of others.

Nowadays, people love to shower love and care with lots of happy Dashain wishes, quotes, and images.

Below we have listed some beautiful wishes, quotes, and images from Dashain in Nepali and English. Send them to your loved ones to make them feel happy and cared for.

happy dashain wishes quotes images
Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images



“May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year.”

-Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078.





तपाईहरु सबैलाइ बडा दशैंको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ। 

आशा छ हरेक व्यक्तिको अन्धकारको समय, खुशीको उज्यालोमा रूपान्तरण हुनेछ ।



happy dashain wishes quotes images
Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/images


“May this Vijaya Dashain enlighten you. The hopes of happy times and dreams for a year full of smiles!”

 I wish you a happy Vijaya Dashami .




“May Truth always win and good triumph over evil. May Lord always bless you with wisdom. “

Happy Vijaydashmi.



Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“May Goddess Durga shower you with her choicest blessings and may you achieve all your goals without facing hurdles.”

 Happy Vijaya Dashami to you and your family.



विजया दशमीको शुभ अवसरमा “हटाउनुहोस्   – क्रोध ,स्वार्थ,अन्याय, अमानवीयता र अहंकार।”

 तपाईहरु सबैलाइ बडा दशैंको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ।



Happy dashain wishes quotes images.

happy dashain wishes quotes images
Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, eliminate Lust, Anger, Fascination, Greed, Hatred/ Envy, Self-serving, Unfairness, Inhumaneness, and Ego.”

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078.



“Spread happiness and joy by conquering negativity within and outside of you.”

A very Happy Vijaya Dashami to you and your family.


happy dashain wishes quotes images
Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“तपाईंको  भित्र र बाहिर नकारात्मकता माथि  विजय गरेर खुशी र आनन्द फैलाउनुहोस्।”

 तपाई र तपाईंको परिवारलाई बडा दशैंको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ। 



“May you be blessed with all the goodness in the world. May you lead a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life.”

 Happy Vijaya Dashami.


Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images

Happy dashain wishes quotes images.


“May this Vijaya Dashain enlighten you. The hopes of happy times and dreams for a year full of smiles!”

I wish you a happy Vijaya Dashami.




“May Truth always win and good triumph over evil. May Lord always bless you with wisdom.”

Happy Vijaydashmi.



Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“May the demon in you always get defeated and the angel in you always control your thoughts.”

Have a blessed Vijaydashmi!



“Let the joy of festivity embrace you & your loved ones on the occasion of Dashain!”

Very Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078 to you & your family


Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“भगवानले  विजया दशमी को शुभ अवसरमा आशीर्वाद दिनुहोस् र यो चाडले तपाइँको जीवन मा सबै खराबीलाई हराउन सक्षम बनाउन सकोस।” 

तपाईलाई बडा दशैंको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ


A time for celebration,

    A time for victory of good over bad,

    A time when the world sees the

    Example of power of good.

    Let us continue the same true spirit.

    Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078.

Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“On this auspicious day of Dashain 2078!”

   I wish you every happiness

   And the fulfillment of all your dreams.



“On this auspicious occasion, I wish that the color, joy and wonder of this festival will be with you throughout the Year.” 

Happy Dashain 2078.


Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“भगवानले  विजया दशमी को शुभ अवसरमा आशीर्वाद दिनुहोस् र यो चाडले तपाइँको जीवन मा सबै खराबीलाई हराउन सक्षम बनाउन सकोस।”

 तपाईलाई बडा दशैंको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ



“May God bless on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami and may this festival Make you capable of defeating all evils in your life.” 

Wish you a Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078.


Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images


“Truth always leads to victory.”

 Happy Vijaya Dashami to you and your family.


Happy Dashain Wishes/Quotes/Images

About Dashain

Dashain symbolizes the victory of the good over the evil. It is the longest festival and therefore the most auspicious within the Bikram Sambat and Nepal Sambat annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese, together with their all around the world.

As Dashain gets closer, kite flying becomes more and more common.Riding kites has been a very important part of the Dasain celebration in the country because it is considered as a method to remind God not to send more rain.

During the festival, people of all ages fly kites from their roofs.Colorful kites and voices shouting “change trap” (this phrase is typically used when one cuts the string of the other person’s kite) fill the times during the festival.

Playing cards is different from celebrating Dasain. While the children are busy flying kites during Dasain, the older members of the family spends time getting together and playing cards for money and fun.

The festival falls in September or October, from the Shukla paksha (bright lunar fortnight) of the month of Ashwin and ends in Purnima,Full moon. Among the fifteen days in which it is celebrated, the most important days are the primary, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, the tenth, and therefore the fifteenth.

Day 1: 'Ghatasthapana'

Ghatasthapan marks the beginning of Dashain. It means to place a kalasha or a pot, which symbolizes the goddess Durga. Ghatasthapana falls on the main day of the festival.Today, the Kalash is filled with water and then sewn with barley seeds. The Kalash is then placed in the center of an elongated sand block.

The remaining sand bed is additionally sown with grains. Then the priest begins the puja by asking Durga to bless the container along with his presence.This ritual is performed at a particularly auspicious time that astrologers decide. The goddess is believed to reside within the vessel during Navratri.space, where all this is often done, is understood by Dasain Ghar. Traditionally, outsiders are not allowed in.Kalash is worshiped by a loved one twice a day, once in the morning and then at night. The Kalash is kept out of direct sunlight and water can be obtained daily.

so that by the tenth day of the feast the seed has grown to 5 or six inches long of yellow grass. This sacred herb is understood as jamara.These rituals continue until the seventh day.

Day 7: 'Phulpati'

Phulpati can be an important celebration that occurs on the seventh day of Dashain. Traditionally today the royal Kalash, banana stalks, Jamara, and sugar cane tied with redBrahmins bring clothes from Gorkha, a three-day trek, some 169 kilometers (105 miles) away from the Kathmandu valley. many officials meet

within the Tundikhel grounds in conventional formal dress to witness the event. The king used to observe the ceremony at Tundikhel as the Phulpati parade headed towardsthe royal palace of Hanuman Dhoka. Then there is an imposing display of the Nepalese army along with a celebratory gunshot that continues for ten tofifteen minutes in honor of Phulpati. The Phulpati is taken to the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace when the occasion ends in Tundikhel, where a parade takes place.

Since 2008, when royalty was overthrown, the two-century-old tradition has been modified for the holy offering from Phulpati to go to the president’s residence.The president has appropriated the social and non-secular roles of the king after the fall of the royal government.

Day 8: 'Maha Asthami'

The eighth day is called ‘Maha Ashtami’. This is often the day when the fiercest of manifestations of Goddess Durga, the bloodthirsty Kali,it is appeased by the slaughter of buffalo, goats, chickens, and ducks in temples across the state.Blood, a symbol of their fertility, can be obtained for goddesses. Appropriately, today’s night is called Kal Ratri (Black Night).it is also the norm for buffalo to be slaughtered in the yards of all land tax offices within the country today.

The ancient Basantapur Hanuman Dhoka Palace is active throughout the night with worship and sacrifices in almost every court.At midnight on the same day as Dasain Ghar, a total of 54 buffalo and 54 goats are slaughtered in fulfillment of the rites.After the blood offering, the meat is brought home and cooked as “prasad”, or food blessed by divinity.

This food can be obtained in small leafy plates for the household gods, and then distributed among the family. Eating this food is supposed to be auspicious.While the puja is being administered, large parties are held in people’s homes. Today, the Newar community has an occasion called “Khadga Puja”.where they are bidding on their weapons.

Day 9: 'Maha Navami'

The ninth day is called Mahanavami. Ceremonies and rituals are at their peak today.Today, official military ritual sacrifices take place in one of Hanuman Dhoka’s royal palaces, the Kot courtyard. This time,the state offers buffalo sacrifices under gun salutes. Today is also known as Demon Hunting Day because members ofthe defeated demon army try to save itself by hiding inside the bodies of animals and birds.

In Mahanavami, Vishvakarman, the god of creation, is worshiped because he believes that all elements that help us earn a living should be kept happy.Artisans, craftsmen, merchants, and mechanics worship and offer animal and bird blood to their tools, equipment, and vehicles. Furthermore, since it is believedthat worshiping vehicle today prevents accidents throughout the year, all vehicles, from bicycles, cars to trucks, are loved today.

The doors of the Taleju temple are open to the general public only today of the year. Thousands of devotees go and reference the goddess today.The temple is packed with devotees all day.

Day 10: 'Vijaya Dashami'

Today a mixture of rice, yogurt, and vermilion is ready.

This preparation is understood as “tika”. Often, the time of Dashain tika [19] is different each year. The elders put this tika and jamara that is sown inside the Ghatasthapanaon the foreheads of younger relatives to bless them with abundance for years to come. Red also symbolizes the blood that unites the family.

The elders give “Dakshina”, or a small amount of cash, to the younger relatives at this time along with the blessings. This continues to be observed for five days.until the full moon, a period during which families and relatives visit each other to exchange gifts and greetings. This ritual of taking tika from all the elders

Relatives (even distant relatives) go a long way in renewing community ties. This is often one of the reasons why the festival is widely known with such vigor and enthusias

Day 15: 'Kojagrat Purnima'

The doomsday of the festival found on the day of the full moon is called ‘Kojagrat’ Purnima. The literal meaning of Kojagrat is “who is awake”.

Today, the goddess Laxmi, who is believed to be the goddess of wealth, is worshiped because it is believed that the goddess Laxmi descends to earth and takes a shower.the one who is awake all night with wealth and prosperity. People enjoy the night playing cards and much more.

Elderly man celebrating the Dashain festival by putting tika on a child Animal sacrifices are often the norm during this point because the festival commemorates theMythical bloody battles between “divine” and “demonic” powers. Advocates of animal sacrifice interpret this act of sacrifice due to the symbolicsacrifice of our animal qualities, but those who are against animal sacrifice emphasize that the act of sacrifice is nothing more than an excuse to satisfy the appetite for food/meat.

“Happy Vijaya Dashami  2078 to you and all your Family.”

“तपाई  र तपाइको  परिवारलाई बडा दशैं  2078  सालको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ”

“Sajilo Nepal Family.”

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